History of wedding planning

In 2008, more than two million married wedding couples in the United States , While in Canada, around 115,000 marriages happen every day . China , the most populous country, has 9 million marrying couples every year , spending $ 19.900 for the wedding. This type of climbing attracts a large number of capitalists who recognize that these days since the wedding industry .

The wedding industry is derived from many businesses , including jewelry manufacturers, caterers, florists , printing , music , transportation , photography and creating wedding DVD . Because no company offers it all in one package , the industry organization of the wedding ceremony happened in the same way to relieve stress torque . A recent survey found that over two wives use a wedding consultant for planning. This industry has expanded the education sector . The growing number of schools that offer certification in the planning and management of marriage is a clear sign of sustainable profession.

The profession began as a possible commercial transaction in which women were considered a commodity and sold in exchange for valuable goods like cattle and food . History tells us , wedding day ceremony marked the loyalty of powerful clans and families , recognized these days as arranged marriages. The following decades have changed but weddings still play an important role in society. In some countries a wedding ceremony reflects the social status and economic class couple. Therefore, the lavishness in gowns , themes and reception has become a trend .

Globalization has also contributed to the emerging industry. In the 60s and 70s marked the non- traditional wedding ceremony without religious marriages became chic location. Tourism has become an important commercial factor for countries with massive income. Marriages artists Hollywood strongly focused on the trend.

For example, a traditional Japanese wedding would cost an average of some $ 70,000 , according to the Census of Japan in 2005. Since her marriage in Guam is cheaper by 60 per cent in the Pacific Daily News reported 25 percent of marriages in Guam last year were Japanese couples .

Las Vegas, Nevada is ranked number one in the city where most couples choose to marry in the world, with around 106,000 weddings per year. It is followed by Istanbul , Turkey with 92,000 annually. Gatlinburg, Tennessee and New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, are next respectively . Marriage ceremonies target with high prices in the Caribbean , Mexico, and almost all parts of Europe.

Suppliers wedding day Filipinos also impregnated on the international market in 2008. Banquet Specialty Shoppe Inc. ( a company incorporated ) provides services to several Asia Pacific . Le Jardin de Miramar gained recognition worldwide when it was featured in the international news agencies Associated Press and Reuters . Led by Mr. Lito Genilo , Smart received the thanks of the wedding and studio Portrait Photographers International ( WPPI) and its local counterpart, wedding and portrait photographers of the Philippines (PIM group).